Vienna’s Seestadt is one of the largest urban development areas in Europe. By the next decade, a city with heart and brain will be created in the northeast of Vienna – in the dynamic 22nd district of Vienna – where life has a place. In several stages, high-quality living spaces will be created for more than 25,000 people including thousands of jobs. On the foundation of innovative concepts, a sustainable district is growing that combines a high quality of life with dynamic economic power.

Perfectly connected, planned with an eye to the future, diverse and open – aspern Seestadt is an international business location and a place to live and feel good. As a top location in the heart of Europe, Seestadt is an intelligent investment for investors, business settlers and entrepreneurs. At the same time, apartment seekers will find the perfect combination of urbanity and relaxation here. Discover the liveliness and diversity of aspern Vienna’s Seestadt.

Seestadt Feeling

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